15 Tips For Creating Movies in Your Classroom

1. Select the right project.

2. Keep a curricular focus.

3. Know what you want for the final product.

4. Treat the movie like an essay.

5. Keep the rubric focused on content.

6. Include some technical criteria in the rubric. (lighting, sound, etc.)

7. Have a time constraint.

8. Critique example movies with students, using your rubric.

9. If being don in […]

Teach With Video Podcast 011

Teach With Video was awarded best podcast in the “Professional Perspectives” category in the Kidcast Podcasting in the Classroom awards.

Monkeys in my back yard.

Costumes & props.

My history students’ costumes from last year.

Teach With Video Podcast 009

Preproduction: Scriptwriting.

Teach With Video Podcast 007

Preproduction: Selecting a topic and making a plan.

Suggestions for grading preproduction assignments.

Movie plan handout.