How To Embed A Blogger Blog Into A Google Site

The key to embedding a Blogger blog into a Google Site is the “s” after http. Use the iframe gadget, paste in the URL of your blog, and add the s.

Set Up A Blog Using Blogger

Korea International School is starting the second year of our One To World program. All students in grades 3-5 are using iPads to enhance their learning. This year the One To World team created a “Boot Camp” for all students in the program. It is five weeks of activities that will help students to be […]

How to Embed Videos in Blogger

How to embed YouTube & Screenbird videos into a blog post on Blogger. I created this video with QuickTime and edited it with the YouTube Video Editor.

Keynote Workshop

Please download the Keynote file below for today’s professional development session. The presentation has everything you need to be able to practice what we have learned.

Advanced Keynote Work Deck

I was inspired by Dr. Bill Rankin to leverage the power of Keynote to strengthen my message as a presenter. Below is an example of how he […]

Introduction To Keynote

I recently created this presentation to help teachers new to Apple’s Keynote learn some of the basic features. The idea of the presentation is that you download it, follow the instructions on each slide, and learn the basic features by completing the task on the slide. When we ran the PD sessions on campus there […]

How To Get More Twitter Followers

I was recently asked about my strategies for getting more followers on Twitter. I’ll give you my best guess as to why I have close to 6,000. It is definitely a combination of things.

I have always tried to be active on Twitter & to tweet regularly. Even if it is only 5-10 minutes a few […]

Learn Final Cut Pro X

I have wanted to learn how to use Final Cut Pro for quite some time. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who knows how to use it and can teach me. I finally decided to jump in. Over the past couple of months I struggled through creating a couple of movies using FCP that I could […]

Change Language in Google Docs

I created this tip for our new teachers, but figured other people might want to know how to do this.

Lock Wiki Pages

Recently at school one of the teachers had the navigation sidebar accidentally changed by a student. This video demonstrates how to lock wiki pages and the navigation sidebar in a Wikispaces wiki.

How To Reduce The File Size of a PDF

I recently was given the challenge of reducing a large, text-filled pdf file to 50% of its size. Unfortunately, I had to figure out how to do this without losing too much of the document’s quality, and I don’t have Adobe Acrobat on my MacBook Pro. No, Preview could not reduce the size and maintain […]