Google Docs Revision History Explained

Google Docs revision history explained.

Skype For Learning

Yesterday I participated (as tech support) in a fabulous activity that Kevin Duncan does with his US history classes every year. Kevin & I were fortunate enough to have worked with Amy Cohen in Costa Rica. She was one of the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court Title IX case Cohen, et. al. v. Brown University. […]

Teach With Video Podcast 011

Teach With Video was awarded best podcast in the “Professional Perspectives” category in the Kidcast Podcasting in the Classroom awards.

Monkeys in my back yard.

Costumes & props.

My history students’ costumes from last year.

History Comes Alive

Every year around this time my eighth grade United States history students make historical movies. Their movies are dramas that are based on the students’ research topics. After finishing the research project the students turn their information into a 1-2 minute movie script. They must plan, storyboard, write a script, submit it to peer review, […]