Google Drawings - EdTech Team Summit Kuala Lumpur

See how easy it is to create diagrams, icons, and works of art using Google Drawings.

This presentation is based on a presentation I created for The Den.

Time Magazine Template

Copy my free template I created for fifth grade students who were working on a research project about social change. Part of the research included investigating the person or people who are responsible for this movement. One of the options for presenting the research was to create a “Time Magazine cover” with this person on […]

Stop Motion Animation Challenge 3

This is the third challenge for my middle school movie-making club that is creating stop motion animations. This challenge is “Draw Something.” Below is the animation I created as an example for this challenge. You can also take a look at Challenge 1, Challenge 2, and the Movie-Making Club wiki, where I am documenting what we are doing.

The […]