Blogger vs. Wordpress

Trying to decide on which blogging platform to use? here’s an under the hood look at Blogger & WordPress.

Bottle Volume Calculator

Please copy and use my bottle volume calculator. This is one of those times that the spreadsheet skills I often teach can be put to a very practical use.

I have been homebrewing for a few years now, and I like to bottle my homebrew using glass bottles that I collect from wherever I can get […]

Must Have iTunes Playlists

I currently have about 8,000 songs in my iTunes library, which is over 26 days of music. It is easy to fall into listening the same music over and over. I have two different playlists that I have created to keep my music fresh.

The first is my “Never Played” playlist. It is all the songs […]

Google Photos Slideshow

Most elementary teachers post photos of their students regularly. Over the years there have been many services that help create slideshows. If a school is a GAFE school, and teachers are expected to not use any outside services to share photos, options for slideshows are very limited. Picasa has been a favorite at my school, […]

Google Docs Revision History Explained

Google Docs revision history explained.

Make Movies From Google Photos

Now that Google Photos has taken over, and Picasa has been left behind, it is time to move forward and take advantage of the new features. Photos allows you to make slideshow type movies from your photos you have uploaded to Google Photos, but there’s one catch. You can only do this using the app […]

Memorize 200 Passwords

I have over 200 passwords memorized, and you can too! Although far from perfect, my system for creating and memorizing my passwords has worked well for me. There is a lot of advice on the internet about creating secure passwords.┬áThe presentation below is more about my “system” than creating secure passwords. This is for a […]

Google Forms - GAFE KL 2015

Please fill out the form below:


Link to see all the responses (spreadsheet)

Enough healthy food?

More resources:

Jay Atwood’s spreadsheet tutorials

Tech Coach Tracking by Geoff Derry

YouTube Editor - Force & Motion Project

This week I started a science project with my 4th grade team. We are studying force & motion, and also simple machines. Students are creating a movie using Creative Commons videos in YouTube Editor to demonstrate understanding of the principals they are learning. Below is the presentation I shared with the students after teaching them […]

How To Embed A Blogger Blog Into A Google Site

The key to embedding a Blogger blog into a Google Site is the “s” after http. Use the iframe gadget, paste in the URL of your blog, and add the s.