Soap Making

7 Mar 2024

It was a pleasure to have preschool students in the makerspace last week to make soap. They will be selling this soap during their learning celebration, and most of the students want to make sure their parents buy a bar so they can have it at home.

The students created tinctures from pea flowers (blue) and pandan leaves (green) to color the soap. According to the teacher, Yvonne, the children harvested the pandan leaves, they then used a mortar and pestle or the blender to blend them. The children then use a coffee strainer to extract the juice. As for the blue pea flower, the children collected the flowers, let them dry and then soaked them with water.

Students also chose to add a pea flower to each bar of soap as a decoration.

The soap was made by heating up the solid chunks of “heat & pour soap” and mixing them with the tinctures and a bit of food coloring. When the soap liquifies we pour it into the molds. When it cools the soap is ready to be taken out of the mold and packaged or used.