3 Steps Toward Your Personal Digital Wellness

19 May 2023

I am very excited to be presenting at my first in person conference since the pandemic began. 21CL is always an annual favorite, with some of the best innovators and disruptors presenting each year. Digital Wellness has become a more popular topic since the pandemic began, as most of us were working from home and logging serious hours on our devices. Unfortunately, digital wellness is not a skill that was taught when I was growing up, and most adults do not have concrete ideas about what this looks like in their lives. Hopefully my presentation will help you to develop healthier, more intentional technology habits.

Below are some of the resources that I referenced during my presentation:

Get Informed

Pay attention to how you are using your devices.

What is digital wellness?

Nielsen Total Audience Report 2020

Abnormal White Matter Integrity in Adolescents with Internet Addiction Disorder

The Hook Model

The Social Dilemma and Coded Bias are both available on Netflix

Reflect On Your Technology Use

Does your device use serve you?

Untethered, by Sini Ninkovic

Categorize and reorganize your apps.

Build Healthy Habits

3-2-1 Newsletter by James Clear

Digital Habit Builder card deck

Bagby products, newsletter, and digital wellness report

Freedom App

Infographic from Bagby