Swimming Stats Free Spreadsheet

1 Jan 2023

As some of you know, I swim regularly. I like to swim in open water, but mostly swim in the pool. If I don’t have a race on the horizon I like to motivate myself to keep swimming by using statistics. This year was my best, logging over 200 kilometers in the water and 100 hours swim time.

2022 Stats

Something I have been doing since 2014 (way before I had my Garmin watch) is tracking my swimming on a spreadsheet in Google Docs. I continue to do this, and I like to try to beat my best year and compare my stats from the previous years. I have also geeked out on this sheet over the years, adding charts, recaps, and other data to keep me motivated. Some of these stats are tracked on the Garmin website, but there is no option that I know of to compare years and set goals based on previous years.

I have created a starter version of the spreadsheet that links a lot of data to help to keep you motivated to swim. Feel free to make a copy and add your own stats. You can do this by downloading a csv file of your Activities and then copying the data to this spreadsheet. The sheet gets better the more years you use it. See some of the screenshots of my current sheet below.