Makerspace Update Part 2

15 Oct 2022

Find Makerspace Update Part 1 here.

Along with developing an “entrance workflow” (which is explained in Makerspace Update Part 1) to the makerspace I wanted to make sure that all parts of the space were purposeful. I moved around all of the furniture to create more defined “building” and “planning/robotics” spaces in the makerspace. Most importantly, I got rid of a lot of furniture that I did not feel was going to be needed, or that was taking up too much of the room. This gives students spacious work areas on both sides of the makerspace.

All building materials and tools are on the building side of the makerspace, and all school supplies (pencils, paper, etc.) and robotics are on the the planning/robotics side of the space. The ISKL design cycle is also prominently displayed throughout the entire makerspace.