Your First Simple Phone Hack

9 May 2022

Over the past six months I have been on a journey to have a more intentional, healthier relationship with technology. I have changed some of my habits around technology, and a big part of that has been limiting my phone’s ability to “call out” to me for attention. It has been documented in many places, most popularly in the documentary The Social Dilemma, that the tech companies want you to spend time on your devices. I’m sure you know that apps are designed to keep your attention as long as possible.

On way you can remind yourself to be intentional about your phone use is to place a sticky note on your phone’s screen with a message to remind to of a goal you have or a a mindset you are practicing. You may include a message such as, “Not until 4:30” or “Be mindful.” This simple barrier between you and your phone’s alerts can help you create a small change in your habits for the better.

I learned this hack in a recent digital wellness webinar from the people at Mind over Tech. They have a lot of great ideas on their site. I suggest you check it out.