Choose Your Own Adventure

25 Sep 2021

Feel free to copy and use my choose your own adventure template. (Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial) The template has the branching structure for two choices, and three choices, which can be duplicated as many times as is necessary. It also includes instructions on how to publish.

When I was a kid I loved choose your own adventure (CYOA) books. CYOA stories are tons of fun and get kids excited about writing. This has worked well in grade 5 with fantasy writing. This idea was inspired by the choose your own adventure books I read as a child, and the wonderful “Dragon Quest” example of how students can digitize this using Google Slides.

This works best when students follow the instructions on the template to make sure the presentation does not go to the next slide when clicked. The correct linking of items on the slide makes for a much better reader experience. Also, it is very important not to simply share the link to the presentation, but to publish it and share that link.

I have been helping students create CYOA stories since 2015. I have a few of them from our grade 5 students listed here.

Please share your students’ CYOA stories in the comments.