Pimp My News Feed

3 Apr 2016

Bling-LikeLike most people I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook staying connected with friends and family. Unfortunately, their are people who don’t show up in my news feed as much as I’d like, or I see the same people over and over. I like the option Facebook has of seeing less posts from someone, and wish I had more control over what I see in my new feed.

So listen up Zuckerberg, I know you can program my 4 news feed suggestions:

  1. See more from someone: the opposite of see less from someone.
  2. Have a geographical option: see more/less from people closer to/farther from my location. Wouldn’t this be great when traveling?
  3. Random: randomly select posts from friends.
  4. See all posts: it would be great to “start over” and begin using the see less feature to sculpt my feed.

I have posted these on the Give Us Feedback page. If you like these ideas, copy and paste them to the page and maybe Facebook will respond with a better news feed experience.