YouTube Editor – Force & Motion Project

3 Nov 2015

This week I started a science project with my 4th grade team. We are studying force & motion, and also simple machines. Students are creating a movie using Creative Commons videos in YouTube Editor to demonstrate understanding of the principals they are learning. Below is the presentation I shared with the students after teaching them these concepts.

So far the project has started off well. What I find extremely interesting is that everyone is using the same YouTube account (our class account) and editing at the same time. Students don’t have access to individual YouTube accounts. We had 21¬†editors working at once with absolutely zero trouble. No glitches! I was ready for trouble, but none appeared. I am curious how many users can get on at the same time before crashing the account.

Check out the project list below. I’ll update when they start posting. It will be a while. This is a long term project.

[Update: Completed movies posted here.]

Project List