Cloud Storage Comparison Chart

17 Mar 2015

This week in The Fish Bowl we are teaching about cloud storage, and the options for storing with different services. I put together this comparison chart on the clod storage pricing. I use all of these services, but if you are going to sign up for Dropbox, please use this link, and you and I will each receive and extra 250 MB of storage.

Online Storage Comparison Steve Katz

Update: We rarely use Microsoft products, which is why I didn’t include them. One of my old students shared the OneDrive pricing below:

Microsoft OneDrive offers 15 gigs free, but if you upload a picture using camera uploads from your phone, you get another 15 gigs free.. that’s a total of 30 GB free..

$1.99 a month for 100 gb more,
$3.99 a month for 200 gb more,
$9.99 a month for 1 TB + Office 365 (full downloadable version of Office for 5 household members)..

even with a free account, you can open and edit all Office files that you have stored in your cloud storage through any web browser..
it launches Word, PPT, Excel, Onenote, etc right in your web browser!