Great Remixes With WEAVLY

27 Dec 2014

I recently came across what looks like it will be a promising tool for remixing media. WEAVLY (still in beta) currently allows you to remix YouTube videos, SoundCloud audio, gif images, and has a good tool for adding titles. They appear to be planning to add other media to the mix, including Vine videos, Tumblr, and Loopcam. WEAVLY is social, allowing shares, embeds, remixes, and “upvoting.”

WEAVLY gives the user a lot of editing controls, and links to all original content. There is also a section for “Assignments,” but the tutorial is not currently working. I would like to see WEAVLY allow the user to choose the display frame for the video. Mine currently has a frame from one of the videos that is not in my remix. I would have chosen the frame below.

My first video is dedicated to Amalia Kingsbury, who on a daily basis reminds everyone in our office, “DON’T POKE THE BEAR!”