Presentations At KORCOS Conference 2014

16 Mar 2014

This year at KORCOS I very much enjoyed presenting two new sessions. The first, Kahlo Meets Coppola: Art, Activism, & Film, was presented with Sara Arno. It is the explanation of the unit we worked on together called Protest Art, that teaches students to use art to provoke a reaction to important social issues. All of the materials needed to plan the unit can be found here. The student movies can also be found there. Beware, you may find some of the movies to be disturbing.

My second presentation, Advanced Keynote, was a true geek fest. I showed participants how to use some different techniques to enhance their Keynotes, and thus their message. It was a lot of fun, and the participants taught me some great uses of Keynote that I hadn’t previously thought of. Find everything you need to master the techniques I taught.