Even Hedgehogs Love Their Children

26 Apr 2013

Today the students discussed each others work. Actually, the discussion was so in depth that they only discussed one work of art. They analyzed various elements of art such as color, value, form, and space. They also discussed what they thought the message of the artist was, without the artist commenting. I was really impressed by the depth of discussion of the message of the work below about teen pregnancy. The artist, Chloe, shared that the inspiration for the spikes in the baby were inspired by the Korean saying, “Even hedgehogs love their children,” with the deeper message that even though teen pregnancy is taboo, this mother loves her baby. This was the most in depth feedback of student work I have been involved in. Every element of the painting was discussed, from the blood, to the position of the feet, to the amount of black and it’s function. This is an impressive work of art, with a lot of though behind the creation.

IMG_1261IMG_1262More photos of the project.

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