ADE Showcase

1 Apr 2013

IMG_1123Last week I was at the Apple Distinguished Educator Asia-Pacific institute in Bali. It was great to return as an alumni, and being able to meet the 250 outstanding educators from the class of 2013. I am especially proud of our group from Korea (see below). We may have been the smallest group, but we made our presence known.
I was fortunate enough to be asked to present an “ADE Showcase,” which is a TED style talk given to the entire group of over 300 of the best educators in the world. This was my first time giving this type of talk, and the preparation was quite stressful. (Just ask anyone who was around me in the week leading up to my talk.) Joseph Fambro was kind enough to film & post the talk for me. Take a look if you dare. I have yet to watch it.