Art + Film = Art

3 Mar 2013

This is my second entry about the movie project Sara Arno is undertaking in her class, with my support. To see all of the blog entries for this project, select the Arno Art Project category.

We have spent some time in class discussion about art and social activism, and one of the conversations I found most interesting was when we were developing the rubric as a class. Some big questions were, “Is the artwork the main part of the project or is the movie? Which is more important? Is the movie art?” And of course, “What are we getting points for?” We didn’t really have concrete answers for any of this, other than each student will have to decide, based on the rubric criteria, where s/he will focus his/her efforts. Some of the discussion was based on the movie below. The students all agreed that the movie was art, and the artistic techniques used were good, but nothing spectacular.