Art, Society, & Movie Making

18 Feb 2013

Last week I began working with Sara Arno, one of our high school art teachers on a project we developed together, which is to say, Sara developed the content requirements, and I helped brainstorm how we could integrate the technology to provoke deeper thinking. The students are studying art’s place in society, and are going to create a project that is personal and speaks to this. There will be research required, and the students will document their progress through photo and video and will create a movie at the end of the project that documents and reflects on the process of creating the work of art.

The first day of class focused on a discussion about the place and function of art in society.

IMG_0887 IMG_0888 IMG_0889More photos of the project.

From Sara: The following day’s discussion on what to require in a well developed rubric was thoughtful. The students offered some good insights and a powerful discussion about “is this art or social research” followed. A good example was offered. When Picasso painted, Guernica, termed the greatest propaganda art piece of the 20th century, could he have done an iMovie? Would it have been the art or would there have been two ways to communicate the same protest piece?