Notes From Alan November

24 Jan 2013

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to attend an all day Alan November seminar last Saturday at Taejon Christian International School. Below are my notes from the seminar. If you would like to read a great reflection about the seminar, please take a look at Tim Bray’s post.

3 Motivations for learning: Purpose, autonomy, mastery
Rewards & Motivation by Dan Pink

Validating information is more important than accepting what the teacher said as being correct.
Have the teacher go in with 2 hypothesis & have students figure out which one is true.
Asking questions is more important than getting answers.
Assign 2 students each day to be the official researchers. Any questions, they find the answers. Teacher stops providing answers, kids learn how to research.

Give kids a global audience.

Unlearning is more difficult than learning something new.
It is difficult to unlearn something in order to teach the truth.

How can you introduce anonymity to increase student participation?

Most of the time a misconception trumps good teaching.

site: Google search

Eli Pariser TED Talk – Google proxy. No tracked results.
Show a list of of your students & what they are researching.

Session Group Notes

Thank you Joseph Fambro for your work putting this together, and for inviting me.