Intro to the Flipped Classroom

14 Sep 2012

From the start I was not a big fan of the flipped classroom. My greatest hesitation toward the flipped classroom is that it becomes way too easy for teachers to use this as an excuse to dump more (disengaging) homework on students, by reinventing the lecture using technology. After reading more about it I believe that there is some merit to this method when the practice is used to differentiate the instruction, and place the responsibility for learning on the students, not just simply flipping homework and classwork. Below are some of the articles that gave me a better idea of what flipping is about, and more importantly, what it should not be about.

The Basics

Flipped Classroom Infographic

In depth explanation of the flipped classroom

The History

The Vod Couple – Aaron Sams & Jonathan Bergmann started it all.

Salman Khan

The Discussion

A Better Version of a Bad Thing?

Educators Evaluate Flipped Classrooms

Three Questions to Consider

Technology Can Reduce School Costs

The Strategies

5 Strategies to Flip & Engage

Free Tools for Flipping

Beyond the Classroom

Flipping…It’s Not Just For The Classroom

Flipping Parent Communication?