iPhoto: Digital Rogaine

9 Apr 2012

Last Saturday we took a family outing into Seoul, and my wife was snapping photos along the way. Unfortunately, she took a photo that caught me from behind, revealing my bald spot. Honestly, I’m OK with my hair thinning. When my friends joke about it, my typical response is, “Good thing I’m already married.” In fact, when I met my wife I had long hair (no thinning, no bald spot). Even though I’m really OK with my hair thinning (hmmm…that’s twice I’ve said this), I don’t want it displayed in photos. I can’t see the spot when looking in the mirror, and I’m taller than my wife, so she doesn’t see it often. Anyway, when I was browsing through iPhoto at the photos my wife took, I saw the spot in an otherwise lovely photo. A brilliant idea came to me: use the Fix Red-Eye tool to fix the bald spot. And it worked! Photo saved. Fortunately, the color on the tool matches my hair color. Apple really could improve iPhoto by adding “The New Fix Bald Spot Tool.” They could offer various hair colors. It would be great, and would help many, especially those who are using internet dating sites. Erase that bald spot with one mouse click!

Close up from original photo:

After using the Fix Bald Spot tool:

Nice, right?


PS. Don’t tell anyone about my bald spot. It’s just between us.