My Journey To Work

23 Oct 2011

Tim Bray was the person who presented this blogging challenge to me. The challenge is to document your journey to work. I live in Korea, in a suburb of Seoul. Check out these “Journey to Work” posts: Tim Bray, Ben Sheridan, Kerri-Lee Beasley, Clint Hamada, Kim Cofino & Jess McCulloch (the one who started this).

This is my journey:

Shoe area in the apartment entrance. (Koreans don’t wear shoes in the house.)

Four flights down to the street.

Our street. Heading to the bus stop.

One of the many neighborhood farms. People farm any open plot of land.

Waiting for the bus by the corner store.

Here comes the school bus.

My wife & son on their daily sprint to catch the bus.

They haven’t missed the bus yet.

Middle school entrance.


Elevator to the third floor.

The ed tech office.

My desk.