Movie Trailers in iMovie ’11

30 May 2011

I recently installed iLife ’11 in my computer and decided to give the iMovie ’11 new Movie Trailers feature a test run. I attended my first Korean baseball game last Friday and I shot a very small amount of video with my camera. The process of creating the trailer was very simple. There is an outline where you can fill out the information (text) that will appear in the trailer, like the name of the studio & release date. Then there is a storyboard where you can click on the clips you want and they pop right in to the storyboard. A nice feature is that on the storyboard there are suggestions for the type of clip that should be inserted.

The trailer I created is less than stellar for various reasons. Unfortunately, I had very little footage and couldn’t include the types of shots recommended. Most of mine are long shots. I think that would have helped my trailer to be much more interesting if I would have had a variety of types of shots, including close ups and also a variety of what I was shooting.

Features I think would make the software better:

  • Option to add photos into the trailer (with Ken Burns effect)
  • Adjustable clip lengths

All in all the movie trailers is a  great feature in iMovie ’11 and I am sure we will be seeing a lot of student projects that use them, not to mention many home movies.

Below is my first trailer using the new feature.