More ADE Reflections

15 Apr 2011

For those of you who have the common misunderstanding that becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator is an award, or recognition, you will want to read the reflections of my ADE colleagues (Class of 2011, Asia) on the Institute that took place April 8-12, 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.What you’ll find out is that the experience of the Institute is not about the recognition, it is about doing meaningful work in our roles as educators, gives us some tools for growth and a group of passionate peers to grow with. The past week left a deep (& I am guessing ongoing) change in those who participated in it.

I am doing my best to list all the reflections here. I’ll keep this updated. Let me know if there are any I have missed.

Jabiz Raisdana

Madeleine Brookes

Ted Cowan

John Wolfe

Colin Gallagher

DJ MacPherson

Mark Shone

Miguel Zambrano

Jeff Dungan

Hillary Daniels

Oscar Sala

Aysem Bray

Jennifer Fenton

Melanie Kells

Angela Henderson

Jen Smith

Andrew McCarthy

Justin Hardman

Ray Gentleman

Davey Neill

Johnny Go

Jessica Hale

Greg Sawatsky

Jane Ross

JoAnne Sandul

My reflection