Insert Images in GMail

9 Feb 2011
You know how GMail lets you attach an image, but doesn’t allow you to have it in the body of your email? Well, I was asked by colleague today how to insert images in GMail. I have never needed to do this with my GMail account, because I use Apple Mail to download my mail on my computer. So I had to look it up. I thought it would be worthwhile to share. This was posted by Sarah in the GMail help forum:
“Here are the instructions to insert an image in Gmail.

1. Go to the top right of the gmail page and click on “Settings.”
2. Then click on “Labs.”
3. There is an option that is called “Inserting Images.” Click on the box to enable.
4. At the bottom of the page click on the button that allows you to save changes. (Very important!)
5.Open up a new page to compose a message and now you will have a new icon that looks like a small picture of mountains or hills. (On my computer it is the 9th icon)
6. Click on this icon and you will get a box that gives you the option to either browse your computer to get the file, or enter the URL of where the image resides on the internet if it is on a website instead of on your computer.
7. Once it loads, or finds it on your computer, click on “Add Image.”

It sounds like a long process, but once you have the icon installed, the directions get reduced to…Click on icon, select picture and “add image.”
I hope this is helpful.”
I use other Labs features but never tried this one. (When you’re looking through the Labs, check out Mail Googles.)