Embed Plus

20 Jan 2011

I was fortunate enough to get an email today from Shola “Tay” Omojokun asking me to take a look at something he helped develop. Here’s the email, “I recently co-developed a new and free video-based tool that can help teachers share YouTube videos more effectively and accessibly. The service is called EmbedPlus, and it allows users to seamlessly and freely upgrade video embeds with attractive features that the standard YouTube players does not currently offer.  It was recently mentioned to me that features like slow motion, scene marking/skipping, and 3rd party annotations would be useful for lecture, demo, and experiment videos.  Similarly movable zoom can offer needed accessibility for some users.

To keep this short, I?ll just refer you to our homepage (http://www.embedplus.com), which offers more details and motivation.  Please share if it’s relevant.  Perhaps we can also garner some expert input from you about new ideas that could further help EmbedPlus as a teaching tool.”

I tried it out (see below). Wow! This is super cool. Definitely has lot of classroom applications. Play with my video below, then use EmbedPlus to add features to any YouTube video you’d like.

Nice work Tay!

Or check out the video on the embedplus site.