History Comes Alive

4 Jun 2008

Every year around this time my eighth grade United States history students make historical movies. Their movies are dramas that are based on the students’ research topics. After finishing the research project the students turn their information into a 1-2 minute movie script. They must plan, storyboard, write a script, submit it to peer review, and then a rewrite. I put them into groups and they decide which script will be turned into a movie. Then they plan their costumes, props and scenery. They are required to research how their character dressed and to make as authentic a costume as possible.

Today was the day students had to come to class in costume and begin filming. I love when the students come to class in their costumes. It is a blast! We have revolutionary soldiers, presidents, colonists, and many other historical characters running around the school. It is a bit crazy, but a lot of fun. Check out how great the kids look. I can’t wait to watch their movies. See a few movies from previous years here.