Math Apps For English Language Learners

A close friend of mine, Jim Wenk, is going to pilot a math class for ELL students using iPads, and he asked me for some recommendations for apps. I didn’t have too many recommendations, so I asked my PLN. Below is what was suggested & who suggested the app. All are free unless otherwise noted.

100s […]

15 Tips For Creating Movies in Your Classroom

1. Select the right project.

2. Keep a curricular focus.

3. Know what you want for the final product.

4. Treat the movie like an essay.

5. Keep the rubric focused on content.

6. Include some technical criteria in the rubric. (lighting, sound, etc.)

7. Have a time constraint.

8. Critique example movies with students, using your rubric.

9. If being don in […]

ISTE 2012 Movie Project Workshop

Below are some notes and helpful links from my movie project workshop presented at ISTE 2012 in San Diego, CA.


Movie Rubric Creator (Beta release late Summer 2012)

Online animation creation:

Zimmer Twins
Go Animate

Shot Types

Master Shots (with student-created examples) by Mark Heil

iMovie Support & Tutorials

iMovie (Apple)

iMovie Tutorials on YouTube

Student-created Movie Examples

Book Trailers

Israel/Palestine Movies

United States History Movies


Aristotle’s Poetics



Everything you […]

Change Language in Google Docs

I created this tip for our new teachers, but figured other people might want to know how to do this.

Lock Wiki Pages

Recently at school one of the teachers had the navigation sidebar accidentally changed by a student. This video demonstrates how to lock wiki pages and the navigation sidebar in a Wikispaces wiki.

Presenting at KORCOS

Just a few photos of the sessions I presented at the KORCOS conference March 9, 2012. The sessions I presented were:

Teach With Video
Personalizing PD for Administrators (with Tim Bray)
Best Professional Development Practices for 21st Century Learning Environments (with Darren Price & Joseph Fambro)

 See more photos from the […]

Good Vibrations – Learning About Sound

Recently Jay Hopp, a middle school science teacher told me he was going to teach a unit on sound and asked me if GarageBand might be a good tool to use to help the students understand sound better. I had no idea what he was teaching about, so I borrowed a text book and read […]

Camera Share

Last Friday (March 2, 2012) the @pple Meetup group had a “Camera Share.” We each brought in a favorite camera that we use either at school or personally. Below is the list of the cameras we shared:

Online Safety

The presentation I gave to middle school students today about online safety.

Internet Safety for Middle Schoolers

View more presentations from Steve Katz.

Teach With Video Podcast 016

Editing tips for student- created video projects.

My “Video Editing Order of Operations.”

Edit Clips

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