Interactive Maps

Google My Maps is a great tool for learning. Last year super teacher Karen Leese & I created a mapping assignment that helped her grade 4 students demonstrate competency in a several of the social studies standards, as they learned about Malaysia and a variety of its characteristics.

The map making instructions include a link to […]

Malaysia Infographics

I have been fortunate enough to work with superstar teacher Karen Leese on some great projects over the past year and a half. Her essential question for this project was, “Why do people move?” Her 4th graders surveyed the school community about why they moved to Malaysia. They analyzed the survey results and then created […]

Social Media & Early US Elections

United States history teacher Brad Evans has his students experiencing early US history in a unique way, through social media. Each of his four US history classes will be debating issues from early presidential elections, as if they were happening today. This means that the candidates (Washington, Jefferson, Burr, Hamilton, Adams, & Madison) will be […]

Skype For Learning

Yesterday I participated (as tech support) in a fabulous activity that Kevin Duncan does with his US history classes every year. Kevin & I were fortunate enough to have worked with Amy Cohen in Costa Rica. She was one of the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court Title IX case Cohen, et. al. v. Brown University. […]