Presentations At KORCOS Conference 2014

This year at KORCOS I very much enjoyed presenting two new sessions. The first, Kahlo Meets Coppola: Art, Activism, & Film, was presented with Sara Arno. It is the explanation of the unit we worked on together called Protest Art, that teaches students to use art to provoke a reaction to important social issues. All […]

Final Art Movies

Below are examples of the movies students created as a part of the “Art as social action” unit. Some students focused more on the artistic process, while other more on the issue. More movies from this unit.

Photos of the project.
Other posts about this project.

North Koreans Have No Emotions

“What do you want us to do?”
“How do you get people to react?”

These were the questions asked by the teacher, Sara Arno, to her students about their artwork. She followed up with, “Is causing empathy or sympathy enough?” and, “What more needs to be said?” She was trying to get her students to really think […]

The Sword and the Parasol

Today we started discussing my favorite of the student paintings (below). The topic she researched was third culture kids (TCK). She attempted to make the face as gender neutral as possible and to represent some of the many influences on what makes up identity. She painted blue hair because she feels it represents […]

Even Hedgehogs Love Their Children

Today the students discussed each others work. Actually, the discussion was so in depth that they only discussed one work of art. They analyzed various elements of art such as color, value, form, and space. They also discussed what they thought the message of the artist was, without the artist commenting. I was really impressed […]

Social Action Research

This is my third entry about the movie project Sara Arno is undertaking in her class, with my support. To see all of the blog entries for this project, select the Arno Art Project category.

The students have researched social issues and have each chosen one. The issues are teenage pregnancy, school violence, multicultural society, drug […]