Force & Motion Movies

This is a follow up to my post about using YouTube Editor as a formative assessment and research tool in the force and motion science unit.

I was really impressed with the fourth graders’ deep thinking and understanding about concepts such as push, pull, gravity, and others. In class they discussed what these look like in […]

YouTube Editor - Force & Motion Project

This week I started a science project with my 4th grade team. We are studying force & motion, and also simple machines. Students are creating a movie using Creative Commons videos in YouTube Editor to demonstrate understanding of the principals they are learning. Below is the presentation I shared with the students after teaching them […]

Good Vibrations – Learning About Sound

Recently Jay Hopp, a middle school science teacher told me he was going to teach a unit on sound and asked me if GarageBand might be a good tool to use to help the students understand sound better. I had no idea what he was teaching about, so I borrowed a text book and read […]