Animating With Keynote

Resources for “Teachers Teaching Teachers” workshop October 26, 2015, at The International School of Kuala Lumpur Melawati campus. This is an updated version of a workshop I have done before, with a lot more animations.

Download the work deck to get started.

Advanced Keynote Work Deck 6.5 v2

Want to be really amazed by a Keynote animation?

Keynote Hyperlinks Only Presentation

In Keynote 6.2, when you are making an interactive presentation and you do not want the user to be able to advance to the next slide, you can create a “Links Only” presentation. You would use this when the viewer of your presentation is clicking on objects that link to other slides. A vocabulary review, […]

Presentations At KORCOS Conference 2014

This year at KORCOS I very much enjoyed presenting two new sessions. The first, Kahlo Meets Coppola: Art, Activism, & Film, was presented with Sara Arno. It is the explanation of the unit we worked on together called Protest Art, that teaches students to use art to provoke a reaction to important social issues. All […]

Keynote Workshop

Please download the Keynote file below for today’s professional development session. The presentation has everything you need to be able to practice what we have learned.

Advanced Keynote Work Deck

I was inspired by Dr. Bill Rankin to leverage the power of Keynote to strengthen my message as a presenter. Below is an example of how he […]

How To Use Prezi

This is an outstanding Prezi on how to use Prezi created by two of my 7th graders.

Techguru Project on Prezi
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Online Safety

The presentation I gave to middle school students today about online safety.

Internet Safety for Middle Schoolers

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Teach With Video Podcast 010

Review of presentation tool Flowgram.
My presentation for my staff.

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