Teach With Video Podcast 016

Editing tips for student- created video projects.

My “Video Editing Order of Operations.”

Edit Clips

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Teach With Video Podcast 004

My philosophy for integrating technology (Part 3 of 4). The content and tools are mastered when the work is meaningful and engaging.
Rubrics for video projects.

Teach With Video Podcast 003

My philosophy for integrating technology. Master the tool. (Part 2 of 4)

Getting started with video projects.

Flip Video Camera

Overcoming Technology Barriers: How to Innovate Without Extra Money or Support by Suzie Boss
My favorite educational technology podcasts:

Kidcast Podcasting in the Classroom

Tech Chick Tips Podcast

Gen Tech Podcast

Music: “Ruth’s Boogie” by Jake Lear
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Getting my podcast up and running.

I recently started a new podcast called Teach With Video. It is my third and I plan on it being long-lasting. My first podcast is called CDS News, and is actually my students’ news show. It began in 2005 and is still going. With CDS News I really only have a vague idea of how […]

Teach With Video Podcast 001

In this inaugural episode I introduce myself and the focus of the podcast. If you have any student-created videos you would like to share with me and the world let me know about them. Email me or post a comment here.

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Professional Development

I have been living and teaching in Costa Rica since 2003. I came from a school district in California that offered many opportunities for professional development both on campus and at the district office. The district provided several professional development days every year. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy a lot of it. Way too many workshops […]