Cloud Time Lapse

Time-lapse photography created with the iLapse app on an iPad.
239 photos taken at 10 second intervals over a period of 39 minutes 50 seconds, Sunday afternoon, October 6, 2013.

iLapse app settings for this movie.

Final Art Movies

Below are examples of the movies students created as a part of the “Art as social action” unit. Some students focused more on the artistic process, while other more on the issue. More movies from this unit.

Photos of the project.
Other posts about this project.

North Koreans Have No Emotions

“What do you want us to do?”
“How do you get people to react?”

These were the questions asked by the teacher, Sara Arno, to her students about their artwork. She followed up with, “Is causing empathy or sympathy enough?” and, “What more needs to be said?” She was trying to get her students to really think […]

The Best 3 Minutes of the Seoul Fireworks Festival

OK, I know most people won’t sit through an eight minute video, so here’s the best 3 minutes of the 2012 Seoul Fireworks Festival.

Seoul Fireworks Festival

Last night the family was treated to the best fireworks show I have seen in my life, the Seoul Fireworks Festival. We filmed and took photos during the hour and 45 minute show where groups from Italy, China, The U.S., and Korea each put on a part of the show. My wife shot some video […]

North Korean Money

I was lucky enough to come across this North Korean 5o Wan bill last Saturday. A friend saw it in a tip jar, and I purchased it from the bartender. I don’t know anything about the bill, other than what is says in Wikipedia. For being 20 years old, the bill is in pretty good […]