DIY iPad Stand

This is an easy to make iPad stand that costs less than $10 and is adjustable (sort of). The idea of the DIY iPad stand came to me from the incredible Fran Hegge, who shared a Pinterest pin with me (no longer available) that was simply a photo of an iPad stand made from PVC […]

Students Love Stop Motion Animation

I am excited for the opportunity to present at Deep Learning in Malaysia. I’ve made some big improvements to my Stop Motion Animation workshop, adapting it to the focus of the conference.

In the workshop we will be using the iStopMotion app. It is my favorite, and well worth the $9.99. See my review for more details. […]

The 2nd iPad Conference @ ISKL

I am fortunate enough to be a part of a great team at ISKL, and happy to be presenting on my new “home turf.”


Session resources:

Effective 1:1 Programs
With Art Schultz & Ben Summerton

Digital Citizenship Learning Walk (iTunes U course)
Stop Motion Animation

 iTunes U Course


Student Stop Motion Movies



Lego Movie Maker 

 Stop Motion Studio


A Variety of Stop Motion Animation Styles

Professional […]

Set Up A Blog Using Blogger

Korea International School is starting the second year of our One To World program. All students in grades 3-5 are using iPads to enhance their learning. This year the One To World team created a “Boot Camp” for all students in the program. It is five weeks of activities that will help students to be […]

Mo Willems Illustrations

The first grade students in Amy Cabaluna’s class were fascinated with the illustrations in the Mo Willems books they were reading, so we collaborated to give the students the opportunity to create some illustrations in Willems’ style. We used iPads to take the photos around campus and Doodle Buddy to draw on those photos. Amy […]

Film Directly to Google Drive

It is very easy to add film of photos directly to your Google drive with an iOS device. I think it is the easiest way for students to share media when working in groups. Follow the steps below.

Download this handout: Film to Drive

5th Grade Book Trailers

5th grade class’ book trailers from their book club books. Created on the iPad. They used these storyboards below to plan the shots.

Math Apps For English Language Learners

A close friend of mine, Jim Wenk, is going to pilot a math class for ELL students using iPads, and he asked me for some recommendations for apps. I didn’t have too many recommendations, so I asked my PLN. Below is what was suggested & who suggested the app. All are free unless otherwise noted.

100s […]

Intro to iPad

This week in The Fish Bowl we are doing some basic iPad training. I developed this iPad Anatomy handout listing the hardware features for those who are brand new to the iPad.



iPad App Share

I collected a list of favorite iPad apps that were shared by attendees at the 5th @pple Meetup on Friday, September 23 at Apple Korea Headquarters. If you are a progressive educator who is integrating technology in your classroom in Korea & would like to be invited to future Meetups, please leave a comment on […]