Pimp My News Feed

Like most people I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook staying connected with friends and family. Unfortunately, their are people who don’t show up in my news feed as much as I’d like, or I see the same people over and over. I like the option Facebook has of seeing less posts from […]

Social Media & Early US Elections

United States history teacher Brad Evans has his students experiencing early US history in a unique way, through social media. Each of his four US history classes will be debating issues from early presidential elections, as if they were happening today. This means that the candidates (Washington, Jefferson, Burr, Hamilton, Adams, & Madison) will be […]

Personalizing Professional Development for Administrators

Below is the presentation and notes for the session that Tim Bray & I presented to administrators at the KORCOS conference in Songdo, Korea, March 9, 2012.

Personalizing PD for Administrators

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Online Safety

The presentation I gave to middle school students today about online safety.

Internet Safety for Middle Schoolers

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