Blogger vs. Wordpress

Trying to decide on which blogging platform to use? here’s an under the hood look at Blogger & WordPress.

Embed Form Into Blog

How to embed a Google Form into a Blogger blog post.

How To Embed A Blogger Blog Into A Google Site

The key to embedding a Blogger blog into a Google Site is the “s” after http. Use the iframe gadget, paste in the URL of your blog, and add the s.

Set Up A Blog Using Blogger

Korea International School is starting the second year of our One To World program. All students in grades 3-5 are using iPads to enhance their learning. This year the One To World team created a “Boot Camp” for all students in the program. It is five weeks of activities that will help students to be […]

Using Blogger For Student Portfolios

This movie and infographic are designed to help our community understand how efficient we make our students lives when having them gather all portfolio artifacts in one location. We are a Google Apps school, so Blogger is a logical choice for our student portfolios.

How to Embed Videos in Blogger

How to embed YouTube & Screenbird videos into a blog post on Blogger. I created this video with QuickTime and edited it with the YouTube Video Editor.