Google Drawings - EdTech Team Summit Kuala Lumpur

See how easy it is to create diagrams, icons, and works of art using Google Drawings.

This presentation is based on a presentation I created for The Den.

Green Screen Movie Making

I’m currently teaching “Tech Zone” in the summer program, and it gives me the opportunity to experiment with different tech tools. One of my favorites, that the children love is the Green Screen app by DoInk. It is $2.99 and worth every penny. Below are the short movies first graders made this week. It is really simple to use and you can create some great movies.

Interactive Maps

Google My Maps is a great tool for learning. Last year super teacher Karen Leese & I created a mapping assignment that helped her grade 4 students demonstrate competency in a several of the social studies standards, as they learned about Malaysia and a variety of its characteristics.

The map making instructions include a link to the regions of Malaysia handout and rubric. Karen’s class did a wonderful job on their maps, and she has collected them on the Padlet below.

Made with Padlet



Expanding Your Influence - GELS 2017

I’m very excited to be speaking at the first Global edLeadership Summit (GeLS) in Bangkok. My topic is “Expanding Your Influence,” in the context of building or growing on campus programs.

Session Resources:
(in the order discussed)

Teach With Video

Michael Werner

Start With Why

Kim Cofino’s advice to new tech facilitators

Sticky Brand Names

Get your logo from Faisale!

The Den

Technology Adoption Curve

The FishBowl

The FishBowl Promo Gallery

The Den Promo Gallery

Billy Cox


Effective Professional Development

Apple Leadership Summit

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
March 31, 2017

21CLHK Pre-Conference: A Professional Development Program for Your School

Cross posted at The FishBowl Blog

Thursday March 9, 2017 09:00 – 16:00
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Steve Katz & Ben Summerton

How can we make professional learning more contextual, more personalized, and more connected to student learning?

Session Resources

In order of use during session:

  1. The FishBowl Narrative
  2. Groups At Work
  3. Form for Draft Plan
  4. Professional Development Proposal Template (Blank)
  5. autoCrat Google Sheets Add-On
  6. Professional Learning Puzzle
  7. How To Use Google Drawings
  8. The One Thing
  9. Start With Why
  10. Force Field Analysis
  11. ISKL Pitch
  12. #FishBowlPD on FlipboardFacebookTwitter, & Slack
  13. Graduate Credit
  15. Favorite logo creator: faisale
On Twitter


EduTech Poster

I created this poster for our EduTech team, with Suji, Max & myself. The idea was inspired by Ben Summerton‘s legendary KIS EdTech Team posters, like the one I’ve included at the end of this post.

This particular idea was obviously inspired by the psychedelic rock posters from the ’60s. Included in the poster is a tip of the hat to the magic of Jerry Garcia & Janis Joplin.

I am forever grateful for the tutorials I used to create the poster. You can really learn to do just about anything on YouTube.


Parenting in the Digital Age

Below is the slide deck the counseling and tech departments used for our most recent parent meeting. Included are many great resources parents can use to support them with technology use in their home.

Thank you Stephanie Stone, Chris Wright, and Max Wright for the opportunity to collaborate, and for making this event a success.

Bottle Volume Calculator

Please copy and use my bottle volume calculator. This is one of those times that the spreadsheet skills I often teach can be put to a very practical use.

I have been homebrewing for a few years now, and I like to bottle my homebrew using glass bottles that I collect from wherever I can get them. One of the drawbacks of reusing bottles is that I now have many sizes of bottles, with five different volumes. The last time I brewed I calculated the number I needed in my head, and ended up sterilizing about a dozen extra bottles. This time I decided to wash the exact number of bottles I needed (plus one, just in case). I calculated the number of bottles by creating this simple spreadsheet to figure things out for me.

Must Have iTunes Playlists

I currently have about 8,000 songs in my iTunes library, which is over 26 days of music. It is easy to fall into listening the same music over and over. I have two different playlists that I have created to keep my music fresh.

The first is my “Never Played” playlist. It is all the songs in my iTunes library that I have not ever listened to. It is really easy to set up this list.

  1. Click File > New > Smart Playlist
  2. Change Artist to Plays (is 0 will automatically populate)
  3. Click + to add another condition
  4. Select Media Kind is Music

You can also limit the number of songs in the playlist, which I would recommend if you sync this list to your phone or another device.

My second must have playlist is the “Least Recently Played” playlist. It is the songs in my iTunes library that I have not listened to in the longest time. To set up this list:

  1. Click File > New > Smart Playlist
  2. Change Artist to Media Kind (is Music will automatically populate)
  3. Click Limit to & set the number of items you would like in the playlist
  4. After selected by choose least recently played

What is great about this playlist is that once you play a song it will be removed from the list. The list will always contain the songs that you haven’t heard in the longest time. (You will need to sync your device to your computer for the list to update.)There are also many variations of these lists that can be created. One of my favorites is my least recently played live Grateful Dead playlist, I have created with the songs the Grateful Dead give away on their web site each November. It looks like this:



Feel free to add your favorite playlist in the comments section.