Time Magazine Template

Copy my free template I created for fifth grade students who were working on a research project about social change. Part of the research included investigating the person or people who are responsible for this movement. One of the options for presenting the research was to create a “Time Magazine cover” with this person on […]

Social Media & Early US Elections

United States history teacher Brad Evans has his students experiencing early US history in a unique way, through social media. Each of his four US history classes will be debating issues from early presidential elections, as if they were happening today. This means that the candidates (Washington, Jefferson, Burr, Hamilton, Adams, & Madison) will be […]

Skype For Learning

Yesterday I participated (as tech support) in a fabulous activity that Kevin Duncan does with his US history classes every year. Kevin & I were fortunate enough to have worked with Amy Cohen in Costa Rica. She was one of the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court Title IX case Cohen, et. al. v. Brown University. […]

Top 10 US Presidents Challenge

I have a friend in Costa Rica, Harry, and it seems that whenever we get together we talk historical politics. I haven’t seen him for over a year, but today I received an email from Harry’s wife & she passed along a question from him. He wants to know who my top ten US presidents […]