Workshop in Ipoh, Malaysia

Come join us for a five day technology integration workshop in Ipoh, Malaysia May 1-5, 2014. There are a few spots left.

For registration & hotel information contact Jessica O’Kelly or Amanda Stoddard.

Ed Tech Jumpstart Workshop Agenda

Teach With Video Podcast 004

My philosophy for integrating technology (Part 3 of 4). The content and tools are mastered when the work is meaningful and engaging.
Rubrics for video projects.

Teach With Video Podcast 002

My philosophy for integrating technology. Technology as a tool. (Part 1 of 4)
Ms. Regina Rumford’s 8th grade class blogs for English class, 2008.
Introduction to Jumpcut (
Steve’s Test Movie
Music: “Ruth’s Boogie” by Jake Lear
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Getting my podcast up and running.

I recently started a new podcast called Teach With Video. It is my third and I plan on it being long-lasting. My first podcast is called CDS News, and is actually my students’ news show. It began in 2005 and is still going. With CDS News I really only have a vague idea of how […]