Informational Writing

Informational writing is part of the grade 3 curriculum at ISKL, and the teachers were looking for some digital options for creating books. I did a sample book with four different tools and have included them here, along with some pros and cons about the tool.

Google Slides

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Familiar and easy to use


Log […]

EARCOS Leadership Conference 2018

It is nice to be “home” for this year’s EARCOS Leadership Conference (ELC). This year I am presenting about how leaders can simplify and streamline evaluation and feedback. It is my hope that this workshop will help leaders to be more effective in assisting teachers to improve their practice.

Please fill out the form┬ábefore the session […]

Google Docs Revision History Explained

Google Docs revision history explained.

Time Magazine Template

Copy my free template I created for fifth grade students who were working on a research project about social change. Part of the research included investigating the person or people who are responsible for this movement. One of the options for presenting the research was to create a “Time Magazine cover” with this person on […]

Workshop in Ipoh, Malaysia

Come join us for a five day technology integration workshop in Ipoh, Malaysia May 1-5, 2014. There are a few spots left.

For registration & hotel information contact Jessica O’Kelly or Amanda Stoddard.

Ed Tech Jumpstart Workshop Agenda

Intro to the Flipped Classroom Part 2

This presentation was created as an introduction to the flipped classroom. It was presented to teachers who were in the first month of their school’s 1:1 program to help them to begin flipping some lessons. Part 1 includes many links to help familiarize with the basics of the flipped classroom.

Intro to the Flipped Classroom

From the start I was not a big fan of the flipped classroom. My greatest hesitation toward the flipped classroom is that it becomes way too easy for teachers to use this as an excuse to dump more (disengaging) homework on students, by reinventing the lecture using technology. After reading more about it I believe […]

Digital Assignment Naming Conventions

Suggested Naming Conventions For Digital Assignments

Naming digital assignments (including Google Docs) :
Block Assignment Name Last Name First Name (as it appears in the student information system/grade program)
==> HS/MS Example: C Rome Essay Kim Johnny
==> ES Example: 4B Weather Map Kim Johnny

Naming Google collections/folders:
Block Last Name First Name (as it appears in the student information system/grade […]

Paperless End of the Year Checkout

Here’s my idea for digital checkout for teachers on the last day of school. Teachers receive a list (email) of what they have to do & who checks them. The people who check have editing privileges on the spreadsheet. They put an X (or initials, or a color fill) in the cell in lieu of […]

My New Coaster

Unfortunately, hard drives don’t last forever. But you can keep using them. Here is my friend Kevin‘s external hard drive shortly after it died.

I love opening electronic equipment after it no longer is in use, so that’s what I did with the hard drive. I left it sitting on […]