Digital Citizenship - The Ripple Effect

It is always a pleasure collaborating with our fabulous grade 3-5 counselor Stephanie Stone. We develop and teach lessons together about various topics that deal with digital citizenship. This presentation was inspired by Common Sense Media‘s digital citizenship lessons, but the majority of this creation is Stephanie’s doing.

Parenting In The Digital Age

It is always great to have the parents in and participate in some thought provoking discussions about managing technology at home with children. The tech and counseling teams collaborate to put on this workshop. Max Wright, Stephanie Stone, and Chris Wright always contribute their perspectives, experiences, and expertise. Below is the resource we created for […]

Parenting in the Digital Age

Below is the slide deck the counseling and tech departments used for our most recent parent meeting. Included are many great resources parents can use to support them with technology use in their home.

Thank you Stephanie Stone, Chris Wright, and Max Wright for the opportunity to collaborate, and for making this event a success.

Memorize 200 Passwords

I have over 200 passwords memorized, and you can too! Although far from perfect, my system for creating and memorizing my passwords has worked well for me. There is a lot of advice on the internet about creating secure passwords. The presentation below is more about my “system” than creating secure passwords. This is for a […]

All You Need To Know About Stop Motion Animation

I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to give an on campus workshop on one of my favorite topics. I am using this as an excuse to put together my most complete blog post on the topic. In the workshop we will be using the iStopMotion app. It is my favorite, and well worth […]

Animating With Keynote

Resources for “Teachers Teaching Teachers” workshop October 26, 2015, at The International School of Kuala Lumpur Melawati campus. This is an updated version of a workshop I have done before, with a lot more animations.

Download the work deck to get started.

Advanced Keynote Work Deck 6.5 v2

Want to be really amazed by a Keynote animation?

Keynote Workshop

Please download the Keynote file below for today’s professional development session. The presentation has everything you need to be able to practice what we have learned.

Advanced Keynote Work Deck

I was inspired by Dr. Bill Rankin to leverage the power of Keynote to strengthen my message as a presenter. Below is an example of how he […]

Introduction To Keynote

I recently created this presentation to help teachers new to Apple’s Keynote learn some of the basic features. The idea of the presentation is that you download it, follow the instructions on each slide, and learn the basic features by completing the task on the slide. When we ran the PD sessions on campus there […]

Getting Started With Google

This week at school was new teacher orientation. An important part of the orientation is to provide our new teachers with “technology survival skills” so they can get through the first couple of weeks. We are a Google apps school, so we needed to make sure the teachers knew how to use the most basic […]

Paperless Classrooom Presentation @ BIS Canada

Below is the presentation I gave to the wonderful educators from BIS Canada in Korea on Friday, April 15, 2011.

Thanks for inviting me!

See some of my other professional development presentations.


The Paperless Classroom on Prezi