Stop Motion Animation Challenge 4

This is the fourth challenge for my middle school movie-making club that is creating stop motion animations. This challenge is “Multiple Objects.” It was inspired by this fireworks video. Below is the animation I created as an example for this challenge. I didn’t expect that the first part would take such a long time, but animating several objects at a time took much longer than only animating one or two. My plan was to tell more of a story, like darkening the clouds, then use staples to make it look like it was raining, and add some lightning. Unfortunately, the photography was so time consuming, I had cut the movie short.

You can also take a look at Challenge 1, Challenge 2, Challenge 3, and the Movie-Making Club wiki, where I am documenting what we are doing.

Once again I used the book stand to prop up my computer to take the photos.

I measured how much I moved everything to try to keep the movement consistent. I moved the paper like a conveyor belt, dragging the clouds with it,  and then moved the plane so that it would stay in the center of each photo.

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