Stop-Motion Animation 1

Next semester I will be sponsoring a middle school club that will be doing stop-motion animations. My idea for the club is to give the students several short projects at the beginning of the semester, and see where it goes from there. I have never taught this skill before, so I am making some animations to use as examples, and I am documenting the process on the club wiki. Below is the animation I created for the first challenge, “Move object across desk.”




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  • art schultz

    what are you editing in? iMovie can be painful, because you can’t shoot directly When I worked with students, I used MonkeyJam (for PC). I have been experimenting with mine, and have found Smoovie for Mac on the AppStore. It is helpful because you can use your Mac’s iSight (or if you have one laying around, any iChat compatible external camera) to shoot directly into Smoovie. The other nice bit is that you can use an Apple Remote to capture the image.

  • I edited this movie in iMovie. I took the photos using PhotoBooth. This is the software that students have. Thanks for the tips. I’ll check out Smoovie.

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