Teach With Video Podcast 017

Affirmation/recognition. Some easy ways to provide opportunities for affirmation.

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  • Hi Steven,
    We started a film festival last year for the students in our district. We rented the auditorium of a local university and showed 2 hours of films from k-12 and had over 700 students participate and it was a great event. We also partnered with the Higher Education Channel http://www.hectv.org and they did a brief documentary on us and the project and then put had a three hour special on their channel showing all the films that our students created. They also put it into iTunes as a download. It was a great night, red carpet, VIP badges and all. If there are people out there who are interested in organizing their own festival, I’d be happy to give any advice I can.

    Another media festival that’s out there is the International Student Media Festival at http://www.ismf.net. I judged for them this year and they had some great student entries.

    After hearing the recognition podcast, I just wanted to echo my agreement on how important that part of the process is.


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