EARCOS Leadership Conference 2018

It is nice to be “home” for this year’s EARCOS Leadership Conference (ELC). This year I am presenting about how leaders can simplify and streamline evaluation and feedback. It is my hope that this workshop will help leaders to be more effective in assisting teachers to improve their practice.

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Parenting In The Digital Age

It is always great to have the parents in and participate in some thought provoking discussions about managing technology at home with children. The tech and counseling teams collaborate to put on this workshop. Max Wright, Stephanie Stone, and Chris Wright always contribute their perspectives, experiences, and expertise. Below is the resource we created for this year’s workshop.

Blogger vs. Wordpress

Trying to decide on which blogging platform to use? here’s an under the hood look at Blogger & WordPress.

Hollywood In Your Pocket

Video Apps That Put You In The Director’s Chair

Link to App Tutorials

Direct link to the chart

Happy Holidays

This video was created by Tim Bray. Please contact him if you would like a similar video.

Pub PD Asia

What’s better than professional development? Professional development with your favorite adult beverage!

Join me and others Tuesday night at Taps Beer Bar in Kuala Lumpur to talk about Amplifying Student Voice. This inaugural version of #PubPDasia will be taking place in pubs in nine different cities across Asia. Educational alchologists in Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, and Ho Chi Min City will all be taking part. It’s like a twitter chat, but face to face and with tasty adult beverages! Spread the word! 

DIY iPad Stand

This is an easy to make iPad stand that costs less than $10 and is adjustable (sort of). The idea of the DIY iPad stand came to me from the incredible Fran Hegge, who shared a Pinterest pin with me (no longer available) that was simply a photo of an iPad stand made from PVC pipe. I thought it would be a good idea to recreate it in our MakerSpace and share the design specs.

Shopping list:

  • 1 inch PCV pipe (~9 feet/3 meters)
  • 8 elbow connectors
  • 4 T connectors
  • Saw or pipe cutter (the pipe cutter below is quick & easy to use)
  • PVC glue


Start by cutting all of your PVC. You will need the following lengths:

  • 2 – 78 cm (31″)
  • 2 – 40 cm (16″)
  • 4 – 14 cm (5.5″)
  • 4 – 4 cm (1.6″)

Assemble upper rectangle (without glue) using 4 elbows, 2 78 cm, 2 Ts, & 4 4 cm pieces.


Assemble both legs (without glue)


Your finished stand should look something like the one below. I recommend not glueing it together until you have tested out the height. After using the stand a few times you might want to glue the upper rectangle and the base part of the legs. If this is all you glue together you can interchange different sized legs, depending on the height needed for the project you are doing.

Below are students making storytelling movies, Common Craft style.



Distributive Leadership - ELC 2017

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to present with Julie Olson & Azra Pathan, our ISKL elementary school principal and vice principal.

All links are accessible from within the presentation.

Image Credit: https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8425/7717136134_e7fbc977e4.jpg


Promoting Your Programs


Copy the Planning Document

Links from Presentation (in order presented):

Crafting an Elevator Pitch

Michael Werner

Teach With Video

Start With Why

Innovation Adoption Curve

Lessons Learned – Kim Cofino

The FishBowl


Logos by Faisale

How to Create Brand Names That Stick

7 Tips to Create a Memorable Slogan

Slogan Maker


The FishBowl Promo Gallery

Reservoir EdTech



Google Drawings - EdTech Team Summit Kuala Lumpur

See how easy it is to create diagrams, icons, and works of art using Google Drawings.

This presentation is based on a presentation I created for The Den.